The 20th IFFC
As the largest fair in the central and western regions, the IFFC has been successfully held for 20 consecutive years. At this time, the dual industry chains of home furnishing industry has been displayed by means of "one fair, double pavilions": 220,000-square-meter exhibition of the whole industry chain in furniture at Western China International Expo City and 100,000-square-meter exhibition of the whole industry chain in customized smart home at Century City New Conference and Exhibition Center. Totally, more than 3,000 famous enterprises and industrial parks from 30 countries and regions exhibited more than 300,000 products at this fair, attracting 335,000 professional purchasers in four days.
● Accredited by the UFI
● 2010-2011 Golden Finger Award, China’s Events Industry Fair
● China’s Top Ten Brand Exhibition Projects in 2013
● China’s Top Ten Brand Exhibition Projects in 2015
● Golden Finger Award and one of the TOP Three Furniture Brand Exhibitions, China’s Events (MICE) Industry Fair in 2017
● Golden Finger Award and the Most Branded Exhibition, China’s Events (MICE) Industry Fair in 2018
● The 2019 "Golden Finger Award of 70 Brand Exhibitions for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC"
Chengdu International Home Design Week
Since 2018, an international design event—Chengdu International Home Design Week has been introduced by the new mode of "fair + design week", breaking the dimensions of time, region and industry. The event consisted of more than 20 international, national-level, multi-level and multi-dimensional high-end activities in the "1+2+3+N" forms: one exhibition (Big V Design Theme Exhibition), two conferences (World Furniture Industry Summit and Asia Design Exchange and Development Conference), three awards (CIHDA 2019 by iF, New Furniture Design Competition Award, and Ginkgo Phoenix Award), and N shows (SUJI—Feeling the Beauty of Design in a Journey, Pechakucha Night Chengdu, Chengdu-Macao Design Cooperation), which attracted great attention in the industry. Representatives from more than 50 countries, such as Germany, United States, France, Italy, Finland, Poland, Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic, Mexico, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Malaysia, Japan, and more than 40 domestics industrial associations, famous enterprises, design firms and institutions, and trade platforms affiliated to the CNFA, participated in the event. Besides, a number of cooperation projects in real estate, business, B&B, e-commerce have been achieved during this event, gaining wide industrial acceptance.
As a key platform and means of CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee and Chengdu Municipal Government to promote the development of urban modern agriculture, Agro-Chengdu has been successfully held seven sessions. Over the past six years, it has achieved a total exhibition area of 355,000 square meters; attracted more than 8370 domestic and foreign agricultural exhibitors, involving 50 foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and 321 domestic city delegations, 207,000 professional purchasers and 653,000 ordinary audiences. Besides, the total transaction amount during the expo reached CNY 7,982.3 million and 878 contracts have been signed for attracting investment in modern agriculture, which amounted to CNY 187,752 million.
● China’s Top Ten Brand Exhibition Projects in 2016
● Golden Finger Award and one of the TOP Three Agricultural Brand Exhibitions, China’s Events (MICE) Industry Fair in 2017
● Golden Finger Award and one of the TOP Ten Independent Brand Exhibitions, China’s Events (MICE) Industry Fair in 2018
● The 2019 "Golden Finger Award of 70 Brand Exhibitions for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC"
2019 The 2nd World Culture Capitals Tianfu Symposium
2019 The 2nd World Culture Capitals Tianfu Symposium was held in Chengdu on Jul. 23, 2019, where representatives from 42 countries and regions, including 21 forum member cities and 11 important node cities along the "Belt and Road", representatives of more than 300 cultural and creative companies, as well as cultural celebrities were gathered to exchange ideas on cultural development and urban opportunities.
Chengdu Characteristic Pavilion & Chengdu Automobile Pavilion of the First International Police and Fire Equipment Exposition, Chengdu, 2019
On Aug. 9, 2019, the Chengdu Characteristic Pavilion with the theme of displaying the new scenes of urban consumer life in Chengdu, and the Chengdu Automobile Pavilion with a variety of high-end technologies and products in intelligent manufacturing, new energy and “Internet + automobile”, officially appeared at the first International Police and Fire Equipment Exposition.
In the Chengdu Characteristic Pavilion, following the main lines of "the soul of old Chengdu" and "the attitude of new capital", the innovative exhibition of preface hall fully displayed Chengdu's high-quality international business environment, and reinterpreted the brand, culture, life style and life attitude of "double-sided Chengdu", in three directions: consumption, science and technology and opening-up.
In the Chengdu Automobile Pavilion, all exhibits concerning automobile, such as new technology application, automobile accessories and parts, were made in Chengdu, further demonstrating the achievements of high-quality development of automobile industry and the strength of innovation and development of science and technology in Chengdu.
Chengdu Promotion Conference of the South by Southwest Trade Show, Austin 2019
At the invitation of Mr. Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin, Texas, US, a delegation consisting of leaders of Propaganda Department of CPC Chengdu Municpal Committee and representatives of Chengdu cultural and technological enterprises participated in South by Southwest Trade Show and carried out cultural exchanges on Mar. 8, 2019. A number of sumposiums with the mayor and representatives of local well-known cultural enterprises, incubators, universities were carried out, along with a series of city promotion and project negotiation activities, such as Chengdu Promotion Conference, Chengdu Night, and Chengdu Pavilion City Brand Promotion, further encouraging the understanding between Austin and Chengdu, facilitating the international dissemination of Tianfu culture, and broadening international cooperation and cultural exchange. South by Southwest is the largest and richest global event of cultural creativity and technology in the world, including all kinds of seminars, exhibitions, festivals and social interactions.
The 8th Inrernational Kiwifruit Seminar
International Symposium on Kiwifruit,as an international academic conference with the highest level and largest scale,was held by ISHS Kiwifruit Working Group every four years.The first session of International Symposium on Kiwifruit was held in Italy in 1988,and then in New Zealand,Greece,Chile,China(Wuhan),New Zealand and Italy in turn.Duing to the application and efforts of Actinidia section of Chinese Society for Horticultural Science and Chengdu Municipal People’s Government,the 8th International Symposium on Kiwifruit was approved to hold in Dujiangyuan on Sept.2014 by ISHS Kiwifruit Working Group. In addition,the Chengdu Mumicipal Government decided to hold the Fifth Chengdu Kiwifruit Festival during the same duration.Based on the international perspective,the symposium will focus on the international exchange of industrial experience and construction of the industrial platform,and accelerate in collaboration and development of kiwifruit industry.