New East Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2001, the company is affiliated to Chengdu Media Group and CCPIT Chengdu Sub-council and a member of the UFI. Over the past decade, the company has being committed to C&E planning, organization and implementation, C&E undertaking and overall service, media marketing, and integrated branding of exhibition centers, establishing a “three-in-one” service system integrated with exhibition, conference and business. An efficient professional planning and operation team with advanced ideas and strong teamwork skills has been gradually built up, successfully holding more than 600 exhibitions, conferences and festivals and facilitating a total social benefit of CNY 250 billion. Besides its abundant resources in fashion home, cultural creativity, modern agriculture, and modern services, accumulated in the past decade, it has also gathered a series of excellent service providers and integrated with powerful media resources.
UFI Member
2015-2016 Golden Dolphin Award (China’s Outstanding C&E Service Provider), China’s Events Industry Fair
2016-2017 Golden Dolphin Award (China’s Outstanding C&E Service Provider), China’s Events Industry Fair
2017-2018 Golden Dolphin Award (China’s Outstanding C&E Service Provider), China’s Events Industry Fair
China’s Intelligent C&E Service Enterprise in 2017
The 2019 "Golden Finger Award of 70 Brand Organizers for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC"
Chengdu Media Group
As a new media group with strong communication and guidance powers, great influence and high credibility, Chengdu Media Group owns a powerful modern all-media communication system composed of Chengdu Daily, Chengdu Business Daily, National Business News, Xincheng Kuaibao, Hello Chengdu English Version, Tianfu Culture, Metro Media, Bus Media, B-ray Advertising, B-ray Vista, etc. The group has being taken the leading place in the comprehensive communication influence among all domestic newspaper groups, and has ranked the top three in the overall economic scale among all domestic newspaper and publishing groups for seven consecutive years. In 2007, New East Exhibition officially joined Chengdu Media Group, and achieved deep integration with Chengdu's most influential media resources base on this high-quality platform, opening a new integrated marketing in C&E industry
CCPIT Chengdu Sub-council
After the co-location of CCPIT Chengdu Sub-council and Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition, the organization has become the authority in charge of the management, service and coordination of C&E industry in Chengdu, taking the leading position among the municipal C&E administrations all over the country in terms of number of staff and number of C&E projects it has served. At present, it is sparing no effort to promote Chengdu’s construction of an international C&E capital and an international famous historical and cultural city.